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Magpul PTS PDR-C Review

Magpul_PTS_PDR-C_Airsoft_GunThe Magpul PTS PDR-C is one of the hottest topics in airsoft. When it first was unveiled by PTS at the SHOT Show, airsofters immediately started asking for it, saving for the day it would finally come out. It took Magpul PTS over two years, but the airsoft version of the PDR is finally available.

To most, the look of the PDR-C is reminiscent of the P90, mostly due to the compact shape of the grip. However, the PDR uses M4 or STANAG magazines, making it more versatile than the P90 (not to mention magazines are easier to buy and easier to carry). Externally, the Magpul PDR is a simple design. An upper picatinny rail allows for attachment of optics. A button just below the scope rail switches the replica shell ejection port from right to left. Continue reading

Magpul PTS PDR and New Updcoming Products

The airsoft world has been waiting for the Magpul PTS PDR for years. With a completed prototype at SHOT Show 2012, we hoped it would be available this year. Players have dreamed of getting their hands on them, and some people have even folded $100 bills into origami guns to make sure they could buy it the day it was released. We got extremely close back in August, but the Magpul PTS research team found something they didn’t like in the design and had to rework some elements, delaying the release of the PDR.

Fortunately for the meantime, Magpul PTS has been working on a flurry of licensing agreements, and has lined up a number of other products for us to drool over. I contacted Magpul PTS, and while they couldn’t give me a Magpul PDR AEG update, they did confirm a couple of other really interesting tidbits. Continue reading

Magpul PTS PDR and AR-10 News Update

While there were many cool products at the SHOT Show, the highly-anticipated Magpul PTS PDR stole the spotlight.

Highly-anticipated automatic electric Airsoft gun Magpul PTS PDR will be released late this summer.

Unlike some companies that push a product out and then fix small issues later, Magpul PTS is working hard to release a refined, reliable product on the first release. Although this creates a refined product, Airsofters everywhere anxiously await the release of this automatic electric gun. Even with the extra development time, the Magpul PTS PDR is still on time for a scheduled release late this summer. This is great news for players that are rabidly anticipating the PDR, since it should be available soon. Continue reading

MAGPUL PTS PDR Airsoft Rifle SHOT Show Photos

The Magpul PTS PDR has been one of the most anticipated airsoft projects since it was revealed in early development at the 2011 SHOT Show. At that time, it was only a shell with a magazine, but people were captivated by the design and the idea of a compact PDW type rifle that could take STANAG magazines. This year, at SHOT Show 2012, we got to check out the completed AEG. Read on to see why the PDR may be one of the best designs we’ve seen for a bullpup or PDW weapon. Continue reading

Magpul PTS announces the PDR AEG

Magpul PTS brought a working prototype of the Magpul PTS PDR airsoft rifle. This ultra-compact CQB rifle is seriously one of the coolest designs I’ve ever seen. The Magpul PDR was a project that never saw production, but Magpul PTS has greenlighted the PDR project. The first model seen here is the PDR-C. Our facebook page will have photos and other coverage from the Show, so check back for photo posts and write-ups later this evening.

The PTS PDR is a compact airsoft rifle from Magpul PTS

You can read all the most up-to-date information and check out product photos, including gearbox photos, on our Magpul PTS PDR Update.