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Apex R5 Series AEG Review

Apex airsoft guns are a new brand name, but the product is one many people will recognize. Apex is working on a number of new designs to bring modern features to airsoft guns, both in terms of quality components and up-to date external upgrades. The R5 series airsoft guns are their latest release, and they’re packed with positive design elements.

Apex_R5_M10_Full_Metal_Airsoft_Gun Continue reading

Krytac Airsoft Training Guns and KRISS at SHOT Show

Check out our photos from the KRYTAC airsoft training gun release party. We didn’t take any photos of the party, just of the new Krytac airsoft guns.

If you want the details, take a look at our KRYTAC Product Release post.

Knight’s Armament Airsoft and ZShot at SHOT Show 2014

If you’re interested in guns, you’ve heard of Knight’s Armament Corp, or KAC. If you’re interested in airsoft, you know that these products have been hard to get airsoft versions of, since KAC is (rightfully) proud of their name. Now, however, we have an amazing opportunity to get quality Knight’s Armament products in airsoft versions that are fully licensed.

The idea of having KAC rail systems and mock suppressors available for airsoft guns is almost too good to be true, but it is happening. Check out some of the photos below if you don’t believe us, or read our KAC and Airsoft at 2014 SHOT Show.

G&G Armament New Airsoft Guns at 2014 SHOT Show

If you’re interested in details, check out our post on the New G&G Airsoft Guns at 2014 SHOT Show. ┬áIf you like photos, check out these below from G&G’s booth: Continue reading

KWA and PTS Photos from SHOT Show 2014

This image gallery shows all the new products from KWA Performance Industries and PTS Syndicate new GBB rifles at SHOT Show 2014. We’ll have more detailed posts with cost, availability, and performance details on each of these shortly.

Classic Army Spartan Imports SHOT Show 2014

PTS Syndicate at SHOT Show 2014

This is our initial Photo Dump image gallery for PTS Syndicate training products at the 2014 SHOT Show.

G&G Armament at SHOT Show 2014

This is our initial photo dump image gallery from the G&G Armament booth at the 2014 SHOT Show.

Action Sport Games SHOT Show 2014

Here’s our first image dump photo gallery for Action Sport Games at the 2014 SHOT Show.

Umarex and Elite Force SHOT Show 2014

This is our basic/preliminary image gallery for Elite Force and Umarex guns, including HK, for SHOT Show 2014.