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KWA kz. 61 Skorpion GBB SMG Airsoft Gun

We had a chance to take a look at the upcoming KWA kz. 61 Skorpion, and we liked what we saw. You can check out our full review of the KWA Skorpion GBB Here, but check out the gun up close and personal below.


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TAGINN M203 Shell 40mm Rounds

TAGINN, or Tactical Game Innovations, is a manufacturer of some of the newest airsoft M203 grenade launcher products, as well as a line of airsoft pyrotechnics. Their M203 shell and unique 40mm style rounds are a game changer for airsoft. While previous grenade shells merely threw BBs a short distance, the TAGINN system will fire various projectiles accurately to over 100 yards. This increases the effective engagement distance of a grenadier and adds versatility to an airsoft squad or fireteam, making the grenade launcher a more useful tool.


The core of the TAGINN M203 design is a new shell which is rifled internally. This cartridge stores gas or CO2 like other airsoft replica shells, but the projectile is separate. The rifling provides excellent accuracy, making the TAGINN 40mm rounds capable of extended range and accuracy. Additionally, the same shell accommodates all the different rounds from TAGINN. This makes the system as versatile as the ammo you can feed it.

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Apex R5 Series AEG Review

Apex airsoft guns are a new brand name, but the product is one many people will recognize. Apex is working on a number of new designs to bring modern features to airsoft guns, both in terms of quality components and up-to date external upgrades. The R5 series airsoft guns are their latest release, and they’re packed with positive design elements.

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SPEED KeyMod Accessories: Airsoft v Real Steel

We’ve documented the difference between Airsoft and Milspec KeyMod before, but SPEED Airsoft up in Canada has released a new set of accessories, and they’ve developed an excellent approach to the problem.

SPEED Airsoft calls their system Dual-Spec, as they’ve delivered their accessories with two styles of locking nut. The Milspec style locking nut is designed for use with firearm components, as well as PTS MKM or Krytac Trident series replicas. The Airsoft spec nuts are a perfect fit for MadBull PWS or NSR replica handguards.

Real Spec KeyMod Locking Nuts

Real Spec KeyMod Locking Nuts

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Classic Army Colt M4A1 Carbine 2014 Airsoft Gun Review

Classic Army has gone through a couple of revisions on their M4 AEGs over the years, and the latest 2014 edition gives this classic airsoft gun an external facelift along with an internal update.

DSC_0005 (2)

The most notable change is the update to Colt trademarks. This AEG is now a licensed Colt M4A1 Carbine, and bears the Colt Mfg trademark on the receiver. The other major external change is the crane stock. The base model includes a crane stock and is wired to the rear, so installation of a rail system does not require any modification to the gearbox or wiring. Even with these changes, the new 2014 Classic Army Colt M4A1 retails at $215, a fantastic price for a full metal M4. Continue reading

Bolt Airsoft M4A1 RIS SOPMOD Recoil AEG

Bolt Airsoft is one of the few airsoft manufacturers with a recoil engine incorporated into an AEG. Standard AEGs deliver little in the way of feedback during firing, but Electric Recoil Guns such as the Bolt M4 give simulated recoil while still operating like an AEG. The recoil makes shooting the Bolt M4 far more fun than a ‘generic’ AEG, and it also forces the shooter to use a realistic shooting stance to control the weapon. If you train correctly, the recoil will prevent you from developing bad recoil-less shooting posture.


Bolt_Airsoft_BRSS_M4_Metal_BodyThe Bolt M4A1 SOPMOD incorporates the BRSS, ¬†or Bolt Recoil Shock System. This recoil engine is built into the buffer tube and is driven by the gearbox action. Given the extra load on the gearbox, we’ve gotten the best results using an 11.1v lipo battery in the crane stock. Because the recoil engine fills the buffer tube, the wiring has to be routed outside the cylinder of the stock. Bolt has guided the wire in a small channel on the outside and tucked it under the stock adjustment track, which keeps the wire out of the way while still providing ‘battery in the stock’ operation.

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E&L Airsoft AEGs: AK-74N and AK-104 Airsoft Gun Review

E&L Airsoft is a newcomer to the AEG market, and airsoft in general, but they’ve set their course to make an impact. E&L Airsoft is committed to doing one thing, and doing it well. That thing is realistic Kalashnikov airsoft guns. E&L is fanatical about accurately producing the details on AKM, AK-74, and AK-100 series rifles, as well as providing durable construction. In order to produce the most reliable and realistic airsoft AKs on the planet, E&L uses 100% steel construction on the externals. From the receiver, to the barrel, pins, front sight, gas block, literally every metal part is steel. The guns feel real as well. One guy who held these at a recent show commented that one model was possibly slightly heavier than a real AK-74.

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Airsoft KeyMod Comparison: PTS v MadBull

KeyMod is one of the new viral technologies in modern firearms, and it was replicated in airsoft almost as rapidly as it gained popularity in the AR15 market.

MadBull was the first company with an airsoft KeyMod handguard: the MadBull Noveske NSR free float modular handguards. However, despite the KeyMod appearance, MadBull modified the design slightly to provide for the same QD mounting with a more affordable handguard and rail attachments.

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Tokyo Marui XDM GBB Airsoft Gun Review

We just started stocking Tokyo Marui GBB Pistols, and we know that not a lot of people have had a chance to experience a TM pistol first hand. I personally had never owned one until we opened up our first shipment and I pulled out the Tokyo Marui XDM. I own a real XDM, and was  immediately struck by how accurate this replica was to the original.


Despite not needing another airsoft gun, and even though I specifically said I probably wouldn’t buy one, having one in my hand changed my mind. I bought it right there and began making plans to sell a KWA GBB to (partially) fund the new one. Since picking up the TM XDM, I have shot it more than any other airsoft gun I own, and this is my initial report.

Tokyo_Marui_XDM_GBB_Review_ComparisonI’ll take a look at the externals first, since they were the number one thing that drew me to the pistol. The shape and size are identical to the real one. Having shot the real one for years, I can tell you that the size and feel are the same. Reinforcing this is the fact that the Tokyo Marui XDM fits my leather and kydex holsters perfectly.

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MadBull KAC QDC Airsoft Replica Suppressor Review

The Knight’s Armament QDC Replica Suppressor by MadBull is a fully trademarked KAC style QD mock suppressor based on the latest design from Knight’s Armament. This kit includes an aluminum and steel construction replica suppressor and a steel flash hider for airsoft replicas. Both parts feature the KAC logo and are officially licensed and manufactured by MadBull. Both the standard version (shown here) and the KAC QDC CQB version are available.

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