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VFC HK MP5A5 by Umarex Review

HK_MP5_A5_Umarex_VFC_3_Round_Burst_MP5A5_Airsoft_GunThe brand new HK MP5 series from Umarex is an amazing piece of engineering, and one of the highest quality airsoft replicas we’ve ever seen. Made by VFC, the HK MP5A4 and MP5A5 feature a stamped steel receiver, 4 position selector, and build quality to rival a real H&K. In this review, we’ll look at some of the details, as well as check out the gearbox that makes this thing hum.

Externally, the MP5 AEGs are nothing short of beautiful. The steel body is perfectly finished, and the construction is precise with no gaps or seams. The handguard on both models, and the stock on the MP5A4, are made of premium polymer instead of plastic. The stock on the MP5A4 is extremely well-made, and is probably the strongest MP5 stock ever found on an airsoft gun. The stock on the MP5A5 is very stable when extended; what I’d expect from an AEG of this caliber. Continue reading