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Classic Army FN Herstal SCAR-L Sportline Airsoft Gun

The new Classic Army SCAR-L Sportline Airsoft Gun is the first fully licensed FN Herstal SCAR Light AEG in a more affordable package. For those looking for cheap airsoft guns, the CA SCAR-L Sportline isn’t made cheap, but it is almost half of what the high-end SCAR-L airsoft rifles cost. Classic Army, with the official FN Herstal licensing, is offering a quality entry-level SCAR-L airsoft gun, and doing it at a price almost anyone can afford.

The SCAR-L was designed for US SOCOM as an improvement to the M4. It features a collapsible folding stock with an adjustable cheek-piece. This allows for compact storage and transport, as well as adjustment for use with or without body armor and/or a scope. The SCAR-L is also ambidextrous, featuring an ambi fire selector and magazine release. The charging handle can be switched to either side. Continue reading

Black Friday Airsoft Sales!

Yeah, it’s Black Friday. It’s O-My-Goodness-Go-To-The-Mall-And-Die crazy shopping day. We’re on board with the crazy, though, and we have some awesome savings going on, so you can get your airsoft fix, and get your shopping in, too.

You can’t have an airsoft game without BBs. Since everyone always needs more BBs, we’ve got MadBull .20g Precision BBs on sale, Buy One Get One Free. Yeah, that’s a Free bag of BBs, for every bag you buy. You can’t top free BBs, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. Continue reading

KWA KM4 Milsim Series AEGs

KWA’s SR7, SR10, and even the KM4 RIS are extremely popular airsoft guns with players. It’s no wonder, considering they’re extremely reliable AEGs, and they include all the most popular features out of the box.

The three most popular models, the M4 RIS, SR7, and SR10, all feature full metal construction, quad rail handguards, and battery storage crane stocks. The SR7 is the shortest model, with a 10.5 inch barrel, while the M4 RIS sports a milspec 14.5 inch barrel. The longer 16 inch barrel on the KWA SR10 matches most civilian AR15s.

These AEGs have been out of stock everywhere for months, but are finally available again! They’re available at Airsoft Outlet NW, but they’re available at a new lower price! Continue reading

Magpul PTS PDR and New Updcoming Products

The airsoft world has been waiting for the Magpul PTS PDR for years. With a completed prototype at SHOT Show 2012, we hoped it would be available this year. Players have dreamed of getting their hands on them, and some people have even folded $100 bills into origami guns to make sure they could buy it the day it was released. We got extremely close back in August, but the Magpul PTS research team found something they didn’t like in the design and had to rework some elements, delaying the release of the PDR.

Fortunately for the meantime, Magpul PTS has been working on a flurry of licensing agreements, and has lined up a number of other products for us to drool over. I contacted Magpul PTS, and while they couldn’t give me a Magpul PDR AEG update, they did confirm a couple of other really interesting tidbits. Continue reading

Tavor TAR-21 IWI S&T Airsoft Gun Review

The Tavor TAR-21 is a bullpup rifle developed by Israeli Weapon Industries, or IWI. The TAR-21 is one of the most recognizable bullpup rifles, and as such fairly popular in video games and airsoft. However, when a TAR-21 airsoft gun first came out, it was too expensive for most players to afford. With the arrival of the S&T Tavor TAR-21, and the second generation S&T TAVOR T21 with the metal gearbox, this awesome rifle is now available to almost any airsoft player.
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